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Service Members

kristina Ellery

Founder / Head Minister / Ceremonial Guide 

Kristina Ellery grew up in Rowley, MA. In her youth she was a gymnast, dancer, artist, and performer. Growing up, although very talented, Kristina often struggled with intense depression that extended into early adulthood. In 2006 she attended Joe Balsco Make-up Artistry in Orlando Florida to pursue a career in special effect makeup. The dark realms of blood and guts were an outlet to aid in expressing her pent-up emotions. Doing makeup for several local indie films led her to revisit the performing arts. After joining The Screen Actors Guild and making her mark in the Boston film scene, Kristina moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to continue an ego driven life of acting and special effects makeup. After many years in film and entertainment an unexpected opportunity took her to the jungles of Peru where she was gifted the chance to sit with a shaman and drink Ayahuasca. She didn’t know at the time, but this experience would be the catalyst to pull her out of a dark hole, and fast track her into the light. This profound journey would inspire Kristina to leave her career behind to pursue a life of service and sacred plant medicine. After relocating back to the East Coast, Kristina obtained her certification in herbalism through Sage-The Science and Art of Herbalism, developed by Rosemary Gladstar and taught by Rochelle Baca. Life was looking up and she felt as if her life had finally found some purpose. Then, in June of 2020 a sudden death in the family would break Kristina in a way that she feared she would never recover from. She lost her brother. Kristina began to contemplate living, and a close friend suggested a trip to Arizona to clear her mind and begin the healing process. This is where Psilocybin Mushrooms would present themselves and allow Kristina to realign with her heart and the roots of nature. An undeniable, life changing connection and understanding of The Great Spirit would engrain itself within her. Sacred plant medicine had yet again changed her life; leading her to further explore natural plant entheogens, ultimately bringing Sacred Earth Sanctuary to life. With the knowledge she has obtained through the extensive ceremonial use of Psilocybin, Kristina has gained the wisdom and stamina to guide members of the church through both beautifully healing, and painfully healing ceremonies with our sacraments. Her strength will carry you, and her ability to channel Spirit will nurture you. Kristina has now been guiding and holding space for nearly two years and has dedicated her life to helping humanity awaken to its highest potential.

“Spirit once told me to believe in believing. It is our belief that carries us. Your reality is whatever you believe it to be. Believe in peace, believe in love, believe in healing, but above all, believe in yourself.” -Kristina Ellery


Rory Stephens

Associate Minister / Ceremonial Guide

Rory Stephens grew up in Sanbornton, NH and has spent most of his life in Central New Hampshire. In his youth, Rory was a thriving athlete, and excelled in academics. His passion for engineering and design landed him at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts. It is here where a deep depression would begin, taking him into the darkest layers of himself, challenging a young adult student with the will to live. These moments of rock bottom often force us to make a choice. With great determination and strength, Rory began to reorganize his life through the self-education of spirituality. As he learned the ins and outs of his mind, Rory began to transform himself into someone new. Through the combination of sacred plant medicines and the wisdom he has obtained over the years, Rory has become a guide and light for those in need of support. Experiencing the immense pain and suffering he had endured in his past, Rory gained an understanding and empathy that one can only master through having survived it. His newfound love and gratitude for life has allowed him to arrive exactly where he is supposed to be. 

"Every Path leads you home." -Rory Stephens

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Amesbury, MA

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