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Our Ceremonies

Our ceremonies are specially organized to create a safe, comfortable, intimate setting, for deep inner healing. Whether attending a group ceremony, or venturing into The Great Spirit solo, our team will provide you with an outpour of guidance and attendance to ensure for the best possible outcome when working on the many layers of self. 


Our standard ceremonies begin with the arrival of members on the morning of day one. Entering the space an introduction and meet and greet will take place among service and healing members. During this time, intentions will be reflected upon to pave the way for the journey ahead. This reflection is then followed by a beautiful nature walk, rain or shine, to allow for those involved to take their gaze inward and ground themselves in the roots of the Earth.

Afterwards, intentions will be further encoded into journals, followed by an in-depth session of interactive breath-work and a guided meditation. This process is important; as it helps to protect, center, and clear any stagnant channels of energy, thus allowing for the least amount of turbulence when connecting to The Great Spirit.

From here, our sacred ceremony begins. While sacrament is being prepared, healing members will be encouraged to sit with themselves to reflect on the intentions they have set. Once the sacrament is ready, the group reconvenes to gather for smudging, anointment, blessings, and prayer. As this process is completed each healing member will receive the sacrament, and enter into ceremony.

At the completion of ceremony, a light, plant-based dinner is offered to bring nourishment to the bodies after the long journey. While it is often tempting to socialize after ceremony, a noble silence is encouraged to show respect for all who have undergone such deep healing. Everyone’s experience is different, and some may feel invigorated with excitement, while others may feel exhausted and reclusive. Always show respect and honor each other’s boundaries.

The following day, a nutritious, plant-based breakfast will be provided before integration begins. During integration, we encourage individuals to reflect on the experience they had during ceremony. This can often stir emotions, broken thoughts, and uncover epiphanies; together we discuss and begin to process for a further understanding. Integration is critical, as it allows for an in-depth self-analysis and guidance toward the appropriate steps moving forward. Integration can take days, weeks, and even months to fully process these experiences.


After the discussion is complete, and the weekend comes to an end, we gather for a short group activity, an optional nature walk, and then it is time to make your next steps in this abundant experience called life. 

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