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Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE in a Great Spirit that is All. The Great Spirit is that which has created all of existence and IS all of existence. The Great Spirit is infinite and consists of each and every possibility that exists within the realities we perceive. More specifically, The Great Spirit is all that is and all that ever will be witnessed as creation on the various planes of existence.


WE BELIEVE that nature is the purest extension of The Great Spirit. Through nature we are able to learn the harmonious ways of creation, opening up a more in depth understanding of the flow of life.


WE BELIEVE in living in accordance with nature. To elaborate, we believe that in order to connect properly with nature, we must strive to cherish and preserve the natural world in such a way that allows for an infinite number of generations to come to be able to enjoy that which is. We believe that through this relationship to nature, one is able to deeply understand a healthy and abundant way of living.


WE BELIEVE a plant-based diet creates a physically clean vessel which allows for a pure, and high vibration within the body. Through this method of purification, an alignment with The Great Spirit becomes easily attainable while in ceremony with our sacraments. Furthermore, it is our belief that a clean vessel promotes an uninterrupted flow of energy throughout, which inevitably stimulates a love that radiates from within.


WE BELIEVE The Great Spirit conceived our sacraments, natural entheogens, as a doorway for humanity to connect with Spirit, to heal through Spirit, and to awaken the Spirit which lies within us. It is our understanding that through this link between the material world and the spiritual world one finds the possibility of living a life in alignment with their highest potential.


WE BELIEVE it is evidently clear that natural entheogens have been utilized for various reasons throughout history dating back thousands of years. There has been proof of use of our sacrament upwards of approximately 10,000 years ago.


WE BELIEVE that through spiritual realizations directly connected to the consumption of our sacrament we are able to begin to understand that which is, and our true connection to The Great Spirit. Additionally, we believe that these spiritual realizations provide the keys for individuals to tap into various planes of existence which ultimately allows for a greater relationship and understanding of energy and the power of love throughout.


WE BELIEVE that LOVE is the infinite bridge to the highest vibration of self, thus love is the ultimate path to awakening. It is our belief that self-love is the first step to loving in a way that is absolute. Through this unconditional love, one is able to fully experience the true nature and essence of The Great Spirit.


WE BELIEVE that life is eternal, and that death is an awakening that allows for the merging back into The Great Spirit. It is our belief that the same realm which is achieved through the sacramental use of natural entheogens, is the same realm in which the return to The Great Spirit occurs.


WE BELIEVE that pharmaceutical drugs and injections prevent, block, and interfere with our connection to The Great Spirit, thus inhibiting us from the possibility of reaching the true potential of our being.

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