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Integration is immensely important after sitting in ceremony with natural plant entheogens. Often when diving deep into the self, we can experience intense visions, and can be shown knowledge that may be life altering, and hard to understand. During integration, the mind, body, and soul begin to process these experiences, merging this new information into the body and into everyday life. This process can take days, weeks, and even months depending on the depth of the information received while connected to The Great Spirit. At Sacred Earth Sanctuary, we are here to help you through this process with integration circles, calls, and activities to assist in paving the way to your fully integrated self. 


Integration circles always take place the morning after a ceremony. When we gather to share our experiences, this sparks remembrance, and allows for the group to collectively put the pieces together. These circles can be emotional but leave the group feeling supported and safe in their vulnerability.  During this time, we often recommend different activities and techniques to take home to further this process. Support is then offered monthly through a group integration call via zoom, and we also offer additional assistance through scheduled one on one integration calls. In some cases, when a member has extreme difficulty integrating their experience, we will develop an integration program, or refer them out to a trusted integration coach. No matter the case, we pay close attention to the progress of each member and are here to guide and support all who are on the path to bettering themselves. 

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