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Amesbury, MA

Church Doctrine


Sacred Earth Sanctuary was founded by Kristina Ellery, who also serves as the Head Minister and Guide. While there are no specific teachers or prophets, Sacred Earth Sanctuary believes that natural entheogens can facilitate and serve as both teacher and prophet to those who engage in their sacramental/ceremonial use.


At all times, as approved by the Board of Directors, Sacred Earth Sanctuary will retain at least one retreat center where all sacred ceremonies will be held, business of the organization will be conducted, and sacraments will be securely maintained.  However, Sacred Earth Sanctuary will be conducting ceremonies and retreats at various other properties throughout the United States as approved by the Head Minister.  In the event the membership and participation in Sacred Earth Sanctuary continues to grow, the organization may acquire additional retreat centers, as approved by the Board of Directors, so as to provide maximum healing, spiritual development, and safety to its members and participants.


Insofar as they are knowledgeable on certain matters, the ministerial leadership team will impute knowledge regarding ceremonies, safety, and spiritual development to the members and participants at Sacred Earth Sanctuary.  However, due to their extensive knowledge regarding indigenous beliefs and practices and general knowledge regarding the spiritual elements of natural entheogens, the primary keepers of knowledge will be the medicine men/women and shamans conducting sacred ceremonies at Sacred Earth Sanctuary.



The sacred ceremonies conducted by Sacred Earth Sanctuary, shall be conducted in accordance with the dictates of the specific medicine man/woman or shaman conducting the specific ceremony.  Moreover, all ceremonies shall be conducted in a sacred place.  However, the basic structure of sacred ceremonies at Sacred Earth Sanctuary should be as follows:

  1. Opening Prayer- Should include a prayer to The Great Spirit and a prayer of protection.

  2. Serving of the Sacrament- Should include an offering of the sacrament, receipt of the sacrament, and consumption of the sacrament;

  3. Prayer- Should include prayers, chants, and music in accordance with the dictates of the specific medicine man/woman or shaman conducting the ceremony.


In conjunction with the ceremonies and rituals, Sacred Earth Sanctuary will also hold monthly integration meetings, the purpose of which is to assist members and participants in integrating the spiritual insights gained during ceremony into their everyday lives.  This practice assists members and participants in effectuating positive changes in their lives and consequently raise the vibrational frequency of the world at large.



It has been said that a ceremony can be equivalent to 10+ years of psychotherapy. This inevitably changes your perspective on life, self, identity, and purpose. However, this rapid and profound shedding can leave us sensitive, vulnerable, and can be a lot to process all at once. With guidance, these lessons can be applied to our daily lives in a powerful way.


Integration, in large part, is the process of absorbing and digesting this raw material; quite literally, and incorporating it into your new heightened level of consciousness. This inevitably changes your perspective on life, self, identity, and purpose. We can grow into showing up as our true whole and soulful selves. We begin to cultivate a way of being that is in touch with what really matters.


Integration Circle


Post journey integration is offered in our monthly integration circles. 


These powerful circles enable you to:


  • share authentically your current state of being

  • what you were able to integrate since the ceremony

  • what you are still struggling with 

  • listen to fellow journeyers and their story and way of integration

  • sharing insights with each other

  • implementing lessons gained from the retreat and implementing them into everyday life

  • nurturing our connection to our soul and to the medicine

  • Staying connected to your truth, valuing your life

  • being part of a like-minded and like-hearted caring community


Post Integration Sessions


We also offer one-on-one post integration sessions. For those who need a more intimate setting to assist with the integration process, and we invite you to book a session. We will support you in navigating life after a journey and staying on track with the lessons learned. Additionally, a private breath-work session is one of the most effective and easiest ways to assist with integration. 




Sacred Earth Sanctuary has the following structure to its organization:

Head Minister 

The Head Minister is responsible for general oversight of the organization as a whole, oversight of individual sanctuaries, and oversight of safety guidelines and standards.

Associate Minister

In order to be an Associate Minister, an individual must have a deep understanding of the principles and beliefs of Sacred Earth Sanctuary, a deep and wide understanding of the sacred use of natural entheogens, have strong knowledge of the world within, have an intimate understanding of the spiritual teachings of natural entheogens and live by those principles, and shall maintain integrity in all areas of life to the highest standard possible.


An associate minister is required to live in a way that inspires the community at Sacred Earth Sanctuary.  They must also embody the highest standards within all areas of their personal and spiritual lives.  Finally, an associate minister must represent Sacred Earth Sanctuary in a manner that maintains trust, honor, and respect from everyone inside and outside the community.


Associate ministers are responsible to lead group service with prayer, meditation, and teachings from various approved texts or writings and teachings that are in line with Sacred Earth Sanctuary's foundational principles.  They are also responsible for seeking out and creating deep connections with members and participants.  Associate ministers must also continue to educate themselves through prayer, meditation and ceremony as well as texts, classes, and connection with spiritual leaders, participants, members. Lastly, an Associate minister is responsible for assisting the founder(s) with in house integration work.


Associate ministers are expected to further their education through traditional means, as well as learning from the sacraments themselves, such as participating in a dieta with a traditional healer.

Council and Senior Facilitators

The Council consists of the ministerial leadership team and is responsible for organizing and overseeing community outreach and fundraising for local and regional populations.  They are also responsible for assisting and co-creating programs that are in line with the principles and vision of Sacred Earth Sanctuary.  Lastly, they are responsible for inspiring in others what it means to be a good neighbor and respectful resident of Mother Earth, as well as maintaining a loving soul towards the Great Spirit.


Due to their intimate knowledge of and experience with conducting ceremonies, Senior Facilitators are responsible for holding space during ceremony and providing assistance and/or guidance to members and participants during ceremony.

Honorary Members: Honorary members are individuals that have been nominated by the ministerial leadership team and confirmed by a vote of the majority of the Board of Directors, as dictated by the by-laws.  These members are responsible for assisting the ministerial leadership team as directed. These honorary members will also be expected to uphold the values of teachings of Sacred Earth Sanctuary in all of their affairs, to the best of their ability.  Honorary members are subject to removal at any time for failure to participate and/or failing to uphold the values and teachings of Sacred Earth Sanctuary.


Sacred Earth Sanctuary honors Mother Earth and acknowledges the quarterly solstice with reverence.  As all holidays are times of celebration and promoted unity within a community, members are encouraged to participate in all other holidays which their consciousness dictates they participate in.



During ceremony, members/participants are encouraged to wear comfortable white clothing to reflect unity and respect the sanctity of the sacred ceremony.



Sacred Earth Sanctuary engages in some online marketing and community outreach in an effort to make people aware of our retreats and our mission.  To that end, Sacred Earth Sanctuary will maintain a website with informational content available.  In no event should anyone affiliated with Sacred Earth Sanctuary make concerted efforts to convince others that our beliefs or way of living is superior to or better than anyone else’s. Sacred Earth Sanctuary prefers to acquire members and participants by attraction rather than promotion.  To that end, we believe that the greatest attraction to Sacred Earth Sanctuary are the healing and positive changes that occur within those who are members and participants in our sacred ceremonies.

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