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Located in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Sacred Earth Sanctuary was developed for the purpose of assisting humanity to heal and connect to The Great Spirit through the ceremonial use of natural plant entheogens. We pride ourselves in creating an environment where our members can feel free to be themselves without the fear of judgment. We open our hearts to ALL because we truly believe that we are ONE. We promote love, acceptance, healing, empathy, and have a deep love and respect for nature. Our guides and members in service, not only have extensive experience with natural plant entheogens, but have also had much life experience. All of us have fallen down and had the pleasure of experiencing rock bottom. Pleasure? Yes, the pleasure is in having survived such experiences. Through our suffering, massive healing and growth was created, allowing us to connect and understand the needs of others. True empathy exists at Sacred Earth Sanctuary. We welcome you with open arms, open hearts, and open minds!

We offer multiple services and events throughout the year including ceremonies with sacrament, free support groups, potlucks, workshops, nature gatherings, integration, and more. We are huge supporters of local business and keep the church as eco-friendly as possible. It should also be noted that we honor a plant-based diet and have two friendly, well behaved spirit cats that roam the church freely.

Please understand that we are not a fancy resort or an excuse to have a psychedelic experience. We are a church, and all ceremonies that take place here are considered to be sacred. A lot of love has gone into our space, and it is designed for comfort, not luxury. Please only inquire if you are serious about spirituality and deep inner healing. We do ask that all new members answer some questions before committing as a member of the church. We want to make sure we are the right church for you! 

Intake Screening Form
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Amesbury, MA

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