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Sacred Earth Sanctuary is a church where we strive to have love, respect, and peace within. With all sacred spaces, a common understanding of acceptable practices is imperative to ensure each and every member feels safe and comfortable while also assuring that the church itself is respected with best practices.

  • Upon entering the church, members are to be smudged and are to remove their shoes.

  • Please be kind and act with the upmost respect. Sacred Earth Sanctuary is a place of healing for all and while we encourage those to connect with difficulties within their lives it is not appropriate to project negative energy outwards onto others.

  • As we have two free-roaming sanctuary cats we ask that you please give them space and allow them to come to you as they grow comfortable with your presence. 

  • Many plants grow within the sanctuary and are a direct connection to The Great Spirit. We kindly ask that you respect them and do not alter their natural beauty.

  • There are two alters within the sanctuary, one in the living quarters, and one within the ceremony space. Though it is encouraged to contribute to the alters we do request that no objects which have previously been placed on them are moved or taken.

  • Sacred Earth Sanctuary is a church where individuals reside in service. Any food or other necessities, other than that which is provided, must be requested. Please do not indulge without first asking permission.

  • Noble silence is a critical tool during all retreats. As self reflection throughout is critical to the quality of the ceremonial experience we ask to please limit common socializing between members to when it is appropriate.

  • As the sanctuary is a sacred space, usually involving multiple members, we request that no pictures or social media be used without permission. 

  • During ceremony it is required to surrender both your keys and cellular device to ensure the safety and privacy of all members involved. Following ceremony your cellular device will be returned to you while your keys will be returned the following morning.

  • As we strive to live in alignment with the natural world as much as possible we try to be as eco-friendly as possible while doing so. Please no single use plastics or disposable items unless absolutely necessary.

  • As always, we strive to provide a healing experience that directly impacts your life positively. Please do not ever hesitate to ask questions regarding anything you may need or with any general curiosities. We are always happy to help work with you and serve you to the best of our abilities.

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Amesbury, MA

Church Guidelines

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