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Medical Specifications

Sacred Earth Sanctuary's top priority is your safety when attending a ceremony. It is important to note that the ceremonies which take place at our facilities are not for everyone. Please understand that we are not doctors, nor do we claim to be doctors in any way. Here at Sacred Earth Sanctuary we intend to assist in leading you down a path towards your own personal healing within; we do not claim to be able to cure any illness or other medical diagnosis previously received. Though we do wholeheartedly believe that life changing events may take place while attending our sacred ceremonies, there are medical requirements to follow in order to ensure a safe environment for every individual participating.


It is incredibly important to be truthful and honest when disclosing medical information in regards to interest in taking part in a ceremony at Sacred Earth Sanctuary. Please reach out with any questions or concerns relating to medical guidelines by emailing us at

Side Effects

Health and Safety

Administering sacrament of any form can result in adverse effects to those currently taking certain medications and with various psychological disorders. Though rare, it is possible to have complications due to the usage of sacrament if taking any medications that impact the brain or nervous system.


Ingestion of some sacraments cause an increase in Serotonin and, if mixed with other Serotonin related medications, may result in serious side effects. Please ensure to consult your doctor regarding any medication you may be taking to guarantee your safety. It is imperative to disclose all medications and medical conditions to Sacred Earth Sanctuary before a ceremony to verify that the ceremony is appropriate for you.



Various substances, along with medications, may cause reactions while sitting with sacrament. It is required to follow a strict regiment to allow for a cleansing of the vessel in preparation for ceremony. By following this dieta we are able to provide a safe and worry-free environment for all during your time here at Sacred Earth Sanctuary.


Please follow the link below to the required Sacred Earth Sanctuary Dieta for a complete breakdown of preparations for attending a ceremony.

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