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Important Information!

Sacred Earth Sanctuary has decided to make some changes!


Before diving into these changes, we would first like to say that we are so proud of what we have accomplished over the last 2 years. Sacred Earth Sanctuary has hosted over 100 ceremonies, has over 200 members of the church, and over 400 subscribers to our website. The amount of healing we have witnessed is immeasurable and the amount of gratitude that circulates throughout the community is beyond anything we ever imagined. 


Unfortunately, 2023 brought several challenges for Sacred Earth Sanctuary, starting with a sudden move to a smaller location; which has led to financial setbacks, and caused for our team to take a hard look at the reality of how we are functioning. Sadly, we have concluded that we are no longer able to continue forward with the structure that has been in place. It's not just the finances, it's the collective outpour of energy with no time to recharge or take care of ourselves. Most of us work full-time jobs outside of SES and sacrifice weekends or even take time off of work to hold space for our members. To say we are burnt out is an understatement. 


However, this does not mean Sacred Earth Sanctuary is coming to an end, it just means we are going to slow down. What does slowing down look like?


-We will no longer be offering monthly group ceremonies. There's just too much energy flying around for a small space, and holding that container has become exhausting for us. If you have already booked for a previously scheduled group, we will be honoring those groups. In the future, we may allow for private groups upon request. 


-We will no longer be offering monthly Kambo ceremonies. Sheena will be available for private bookings upon request.


-We will no longer be offering free men's and women's support groups on zoom. There may be opportunities for men's and women's in-person gatherings in the future. 

-All Intake Screening Forms will need a referral from either an existing church member, or from someone in direct communication with the church. We will be removing ourselves from any online retreat directories in an attempt to slow the inquiries. 


-Rory, Sheena, and James will be branching out to focus on their own endeavors, however, they will be joining the sanctuary from time to time. Here's what they'll be up to along with their contact info:




Rory is probably running through the woods somewhere or climbing the highest mountain he sees. But when he isn't absorbed by the wilderness, Rory offers 1-on-1 chats that he likes to call "The Dissection of the Personality", where Rory will take you into an observational breakdown of who we are as individuals. If you are feeling stuck, or wondering the next steps in life towards your highest potential, Rory has created a system which will help lead you in the direction desired. If you, or someone you know, is interested in this, or is in need of more information, anyone can reserve a slot through Sacred Earth Sanctuary's scheduling app or reach out to Rory directly at

Please note that Rory does have a full time job as a Manufacturing Engineer, so please be patient with any replies as he is very busy doing that and singing to his sacrament while it grows. With so much love throughout it all, Rory hopes to stay connected to those throughout the community that has grown.




Sheena will be slowing down her pace in her offerings to better support her spirit while continuing to be of service to the community and her loved ones. In this slower and methodical stance, Sheena will be bringing her containers of service back to their roots, providing one-on-one experiences for a more personalized, energy directed environment of healing. Her offerings include, 



-Shadow Work and Integration

-Plant Medicine Integration 

-Guided Meditations 

-Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki Teachings, Attunements and Certifications 


Along with her one-on-one Integrations, Sheena will also still be leading the monthly integration zoom calls at Sacred Earth Sanctuary. 


If any of her offerings call out and resonate with you, Sheena can be reached through her website -

or through email -




James will be furthering his endeavors with plant medicine and spreading his wings a bit. His primary focus is with the development of his private studio/ceremony space titled Temple Adorn. Centered around body modification and art practice, Temple Adorn is an expression to embody art as a healing mechanism. How we can process, learn and grow via avenues of pain, rites of passage, and adorning ourselves with said symbols, amulets and talismans. All which carry energy and can further the healing process.  Another primary focus will be on Men’s Healing and Support groups. This will include monthly meetings, periodic outdoor excursions and getaways, as well as mens healing ceremonies. 


For inquiries in regards to Temple Adorn and healing body arts, you can contact at:  @temple_adorn 


For mens healing and all other inquiries:



With life constantly changing, Kristina continues to flow with the tides as she moves back towards taking care of herself. With a more balanced lifestyle, Kristina will continue to manage and hold space at the sanctuary, while also taking some well needed time for herself. Creativity has always been a huge part of Kristina's life, so, when she is not out trying to save the world, Kristina will be expressing herself in the ways she knows best; painting, dancing, herbalism, and exploring the endless possibilities that life allows. Along with creating art within her home and parenting the sanctuary, Kristina has a part time job where she will be expanding herself towards a more secure life. 

Kristina can be reached at 

Kristina's schedule can be difficult, and her time is limited, so please allow ample time for her to respond, and please only reach out with serious sanctuary inquiries. Meetings and integration can be booked here: 

Over the next few weeks we will be making necessary adjustments to the website. Solo ceremonies will remain on the schedule along with our monthly integration zoom meetings where we can all come together. We have also started a Signal integration group for additional support. If you would like to be added to that group, please respond to this email with your phone number. Breathwork will also be available every other Wednesday. We hope to have a few outdoor gatherings this summer as well. Healing isn't only about diving deep within yourself, it's also about building community and having fun! 


With love & gratitude


Kristina, Rory, Sheena & James 

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