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About Us

Who We Are

Sacred Earth Sanctuary is a church that honors and celebrates natural plant entheogens. We believe in a Great Spirit that is ALL, and through the consumption of these natural plant entheogens we are able to connect with The Great Spirit and to the highest self. We currently hold ceremony with our primary sacrament, the Psilocybin Mushroom. To achieve a clear channel to The Great Spirit, one must peel back many layers of the self, and for this reason, we host several ceremonies each month to give our members the opportunity to heal and grow. 

Our Mission

Humanity is currently existing in challenging times. We are on the precipice of a major shift. When you close your eyes, step away from technology, sit in silence, and listen to your heart, you can feel it; an awakening has begun. For the majority of the collective, this transition has become confusing and littered with fear. At Sacred Earth Sanctuary it is our mission to assist those who are having difficulty at this time. We aim to remove old fear-based programming to bring forth a world where unconditional love is returned to its rightful place in the heart.

Our Goals

We have two primary goals in mind: healing as much of humanity as possible, and community. The healing part takes patience, and the community will grow naturally, however, we’re thinking big! Acquiring land with multiple structures, gardens, a barn, greenhouses, animals, and all that is eco-friendly while being off-grid is a goal that we are actively working to manifest. When we come together as a community of awakened beings that fall in alignment with the same beliefs, a true sanctuary of peace, love, healing, and freedom is possible. If you are interested in supporting our goals, donations can be made below. As a nonprofit, we rely on donations for survival and even the smallest donations are received with so much gratitude.

Universal Growth

It is at this time, we must look inside of ourselves and see where it is that we can improve and grow as a collective. The healing of humanity begins with the healing of self. Once the self has awakened and healed, the unity of our collective consciousness will give us the understanding needed to rebuild a now crumbling society built on fear, judgment, and greed. We must find our way back to a world of compassion, love, acceptance, and respect for nature. We are all one, and our survival gravely depends on this understanding.

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Love is the only path that matters.

-Michael B.

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Amesbury, MA

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